Improv Workshops for High School/Middle School Theater Groups.

Improvisation is the art of spontaneous group story-building. Our interactive workshops introduce basic improv techniques in the form of theater games. These fun, active exercises will get your students moving, thinking quickly, and of course, laughing!

• Increase support between students through the power of “Yes, and!”

• Improve confidence, quick-thinking, and risk-taking.

• Practice being an active listener.

• Enhance communication skills.

• Laugh and have fun!

“ I’ve been a theatre professional for over 25 years. It’s been a long time since I learned SO MUCH in a class that was new and challenging. Improv teaches indispensable tools for actors—and normal people, too! Ryan Huban [of Howdy Stranger] is a gifted teacher, the kind of nurturing guy who makes jumping off a cliff seem like the best fun ever. I had a blast.”

Maren Sugarman Educator, Performing Artist Consultant

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