Howdy Stranger is a professional improv comedy group based out of Hackensack, New Jersey. Our live performances feature a series of interactive theater games, popularized by the TV show, “Whose Line is it, Anyway?” Every scene is completely made up on the spot. Audience members shout suggestions to inspire the choices our improvisers make. It’s a high-energy theater experience like you’ve never seen. Come to our next show and be part of this wild, spontaneous fun!

“It takes creativity, talent and skill to perform a full evening of improv and to keep the audience laughing and involved. Howdy Stranger has it all!” – Kathleen Kellaigh, Artistic Director of ATC Studios

“Howdy Stranger is pure fun. They are improv comedy at its best and the audience was enthralled by their clever use of audience suggestions!” – Meryl Budnick, Arts Director at the Rosen PAC, Wayne YMCA

Visit the Shows Page to view our performance schedule.

Our shows are family-friendly, but parents are cautioned there may be adult themes unsuitable for very young children.

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